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I don’t call myself an artist, although art is very close to me. Painting is my passion since the early days. I was raised in Spain, but I spent almost half of my life in Poland. After graduation I went back to Barcelona and now I live here. When I was in Spanish kindergarten, I participated in numerous competitions. This is where I won my first prizes.

I studied at the School of Fine Arts in Zabrze (Poland) where I deepened my passion for art (especially painting). I paint mainly acrylic paintings with a simple theme and strong contrast of colors. I am faithful to realism despite the fact that my paintings do not represent classical realism. When painting a picture, I try to combine it with a metaphor and abstraction.

I like how the painting presents something real but also the way the artist’s style is reflected in the painting. I use full range of colours, but I paint especially like the shades of blue as they reflect my emotions and way of life. I love water, the sea and the seaside lifestyle.

Barcelona is a source of inspiration for me, which I willingly transfer to my paintings.

I invite you to visit my gallery.

Aneta Chmielewska

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